InterMapper Network Traffic Analyzer (IM Flows)

InterMapper Flow’s capabilities help network managers successfully monitor complex network environments.  Powerful tools give managers the ability to observe high level traffic flows in real-time, and, if problems arise, to quickly drill down and explore granular details.

NetFlow and sFlow data summaries transmit vital high level indicators, such as sources and protocols. Without leaving the top-level network activity screen view, managers may evaluate data sets such as “Top Talkers”, “Top Ports”, “Top Sessions”, “Top Hosts”, and “Top Listeners”.

By right-clicking a device, an exporter, an interface, or a subnet, managers can see flow data sorted by application, conversation, domain, endpoint, and protocol; further drill down reveals detailed session data and minor network activity.

To measure the exact traffic between two hosts, managers simply create data intervals as short as one second for the two devices. This precise reporting helps to pinpoint bandwidth hogs and chart their behavior.

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