Monitor Solution

Monitor Solution

Alpha Horizons provides a network management solution that installs quickly and easily, auto-discovers and creates a map of your network and its interconnections in less time than it takes to describe it and lets you do useful work right away.

Feature Summary of InterMapper
Under the covers there’s a lot more to see that will make your job easier and life a lot more pleasant. InterMapper lets you know there are problems before the phone calls start coming in and helps you plan for the future.

  • Live network maps update every 30 seconds (default setting)
  • Integration with Google Earth to provide an attractive non-technical view of the network
  • Probe Groups represent multiple tests for a device in a single icon
  • Server and Application monitoring
  • Diagnostics and Real-time Reporting
  • SQL Database and Data Reporting
  • Flexible Alerting and Notifications
  • Scalable, Distributed Monitoring
  • Microburst Level Visibility
  • Data Import and Export
  • Secure access, using SSL, LDAP, Active Directory, Open Directory, Radius, Kerberos
  • Easy Implementation, fast return on investment

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