Enterprise Solutions

Software Solutions
September 20, 2017
Technical Support
September 14, 2017

Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise solutions are software applications that allow people to access and manage real-time information and transaction processes across an entire organization. Our enterprise solutions help our clients achieve high performance.
Enterprise Content Management (ECM):
ALPHA HORIZONS provides solutions covering all aspects of enterprise content management including compliance, invoice processing, customer service, collaboration, enterprise project management and e-learning.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
ALPHA HORIZONS provides sophisticated business intelligence and integrated customer interaction solutions to enhance customer experience across multiple channels.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP):
ALPHA HORIZONS offers Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to help businesses implement and integrate popular ERP packages, from major ERP vendors. ALPHA HORIZONS ERP services range from assisting organizations through the package selection process to an enterprise-wide implementation of the full ERP suite.