Unified Communications Solutions

CISCO is a leading global provider of business communications applications focused on meeting the needs of businesses and organizations large to small.

IP Office is a converged communications solution that uses IP telephony to deliver intelligent communications enable you to …

Ensure Non-Stop Productivity

Ensure all employees can turn their home phone into their office phone whenever they cannot physically get to the office. Storms or illness don’t get in the way of making business happen.

Reduce Costs

Full-time telecommuters can have a secure home office solution by adding a VPN phone when location doesn’t matter, access to talent moves from zip code to globe.

Keep Them Connected

Mobile employees will get their calls instantly bridged from the desk to cellular for instant responsiveness.



  • Network planning.
  • Coverage analysis.
  • Network validation and enhancement.
  • Installation & implementation.
  • Digital cartography.
  • Spectrum management.

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